Testing Students with Disabilities in Kentucky Schools Essays

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Students with disabilities are increasingly being included in large scale, high-stakes testing programs despite inadequate accommodations. In recent years, the school system has increased pressure on students in regards to testing. In the past, Kentucky has done a poor job of including impaired students in its statewide assessments; mainly in failing to provide the mandated accommodations for disabled students. In order to help these students with their learning skills, test scores, appropriate testing accommodations and the performance of students with disabilities. Results indicate that most Kentucky students have been included in the CATS assessment, but many the scores obtained from disabled students may not be reliable due to …show more content…

However, Kentucky did not collect information on the use of two other common accommodations: separate settings and different testing schedules (e.g., shorter periods and more frequent breaks).

Guidelines for Testing Disabled Students

Guidelines provided by The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) state that accommodations:
• Must be part of the student’s ongoing instructional program.
• May not be introduced for the first time during assessment.
• Must be “based on the individual needs of the students and not on a disability category.”
• Shall not “inappropriately impact the content being measured.”

Table X lists the types of accommodations provided and their appropriate use. The problem is not necessarily a lack available accommodations improper use of them.

Table X. Accommodations allowed in Kentucky’s accountability tests. Source: Journal of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis.

As noted in the table above, there is a wide range of possible accommodations and situations where they may be employed. It is important to note that some accommodations are not restricted to students with disabilities; however, the more obtrusive ones are. For example, paraphrasing was common, but the guidelines for its use are specific, restrictive

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