Testing a Hypothesis about Male and Female Drivers Essay

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Testing a Hypothesis about Male and Female Drivers

My initial thoughts on the data are that it seems that more females are taking driving lessons than males as seen in the pie chart below. It would also seem that as the number of 1hour lessons increases the number of minor mistakes made decreases. Instructor B looks to be the most popular as he is chosen the most out of the four. I am going to state 3 hypotheses based on this data and am going to use my mathematical knowledge to support them.

Hypothesis 1: Females make more Mistakes than Males

For this hypothesis I decided to choose 60 pieces of data from the sheet, 30 pieces that are male and 30 that are female. I used the random number …show more content…

After getting the groups and the number of males for each group (frequency) I found the cumulative frequency for each. I got this by adding every frequency before each group (for the last group you should get 30 – the total amount of data). I then repeated these steps with the female’s data and am now ready to plot the graphs. To plot the graph I then took the number of the upper bound of each group and the cumulative frequency and plotted them accordingly. For each graph I found the median by halving the total frequency then drawing a line across from to smooth curve drawn in the middle and down to be read of at the bottom. I also found the upper and lower quartiles by dividing the total frequency by 4 to get the lower quartile and by multiplying the total frequency by 3 and dividing by four to get the upper quartile. With the lower and upper bounds we could also find the inter quartile range by subtracting the lower bound from the upper bound.

From the graphs below I found that the median for the males was less than that of the females. Also from the graph I found that the IQR for the females was greater than the IQR for the males.

After the evidence shown above it is clear to me that I my evidence supports my hypothesis that Females make more mistakes than Males.

Hypothesis 2: Females make

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