Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Men, women, old and young use Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to increase the testosterone level in different purposes. Different types of TRT exist, such as skin patch, gels, mouth patch, injection, and supplements. Although TRT first developed as a treatment for hypogonadism, people started using TRT to increase their muscle mass, strength, and performance in sports [1]. US Anti-Doping Agent (USADA) banned using synthetic testosterone and any substances that increase testosterone level of athletes. Former UFC champion Victor Belfort was suspended from UFC by receiving TRT and an Olympic Gold Medalist Benjamin Johnson was disqualified by using illegal testosterone increasing substance (stanozolol). Sport committees disqualified or suspended…show more content…
Total of 561 male subjects participated in the experiment. All subjects diagnosed with hypogonadism had total testosterone level less than 11 nmol/L (normal) and free testosterone level less than 220pmol/L (normal). Over 6 years, all subjects received treatment with testosterone undecanoate every 6 weeks. The average total testosterone level increased from 8.96 ± 1.95 to 16.18 ± 2.74 nmol/L (normal 9-38nmol/L). The average weight decreased from 102.52 ± 15.56 to 90.15 ± 9.68 kg and the average waist circumference decreased from 106.54 ± 9.03 to 98.26 ± 7.1. In addition, subjects showed progression in sexual functions and metabolism. Among the subjects, prostate cancer occurred in 11 men. The result indicated that TRT has significantly increased testosterone level and decreased weight and waist circumference of patients into normal range…show more content…
The case study and randomized control study on administering testosterone to young males showed harmful effects of TRT effectively but the sample size (n = 28) was too small to generalize the data. In addition, dividing samples into different ethnicity could be more effective since genetic components influence the average testosterone level. The cohort study using biopsy showed relationship of TRT and prostate cancer. Measuring PSA using biopsy displays progression of TRT and prostate cancer. The randomized study showed positive effect of TRT on hypogonadism. The study was done in 6 years with large sample size to show long-term effect of TRT. Different methods of studies are used to show effects and relationship of TRT on hypogonadism and prostate cancer. The results from different methods limited analyzing and comparing the effects and
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