Texas History : History And History

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Texas History can mean many things as a Texan. It could start when Texas independence from Mexico. It could begin from the natives that were here before Texans were. It can be about the struggle many people faced, or it could be about the dreams settlers had when coming into new land. I believe that Texas History is about History and history. It is about the History that has made the textbooks and about the accomplishments and victories that everyone has made in their own history. That is what this paper is about, realizing how my own history relates to Texas History. For this project I chose the options of taking photographs of things that resemble Texas, elaborating on the icons of Texas, visiting a museum, and learning about how my family came into Texas. The first mini project I began to work on was taking pictures of Galveston and agricultural areas of Texas and learning about the history of both. While researching about Galveston I learned that the Karankawa Indians used Galveston for hunting and fishing. Jose de Evia charted the Texas coast in 1785 and named Galveston Bay in honor of Bernando di Galvez, the viceroy of Mexico. In 1816 Louis Aury established a naval base at the harbor to support the revolution in Mexico. Up until the Civil War the port in Galveston was used for the Texas navy. In 1860 a bridge was built to the island resulting in strengthening Houston and Galveston together. Galveston had the first structure, the Galveston Pavilion, to have…

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