Texas: The Importance Of Natural Resources

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Natural resources are made from two words “natural” and “resource”. Natural resource, which mean raw material that are provided from the earth, which are renewable or nonrenewable, and can be used for economic growth, day to day activities that can be use to make more complex (human-made) products. Natural resources play a vital role in energy use within its production, even though they are finite especially in states like Texas. As per the geography, occupancy of Texas is approximately 7% of the United States' water and land area. The southernmost part is Great Plains, where as the northernmost extent of Mexico's Sierra Madre Oriental of Mexico. The total size and diversity of the state give it enormous and highly expectancy of natural resources, which Associated with oil production and cattle ranches, fossil. Texas also is a major agricultural and lumber state, leading the country in sheep and cotton production. Texas leads the United States in production of oil, cattle, sheep, hay, …show more content…

Many of the products that are imported, exported and harvested in Texas are utilized daily by people around the world. Various natural products and resources include oil, lumber and solar energy, which have been known to cause controversy. Many people inside may be unaware and unknown about solar-power harnessed or of the vast salt supply it produces. When we think of natural resource the first thing that comes on our mind is fossil fuels. If we thought of an equation of Texas oil is a big chapter for the people perception. Nevertheless, the natural soil of the states makes good farming that makes favorable condition for the large number industry for its production. Natural resources that are found in many states, including Texas, which has built the American economy, and we have to utilize in an effective manner .we, human depends upon various exploitation of different natural

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