Text: Text And Art

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Text has always been an integral part of visual arts and imagery. It has influenced and shaped the art scene all over the world through the various ways it engages with it. The first way text and art interplay is the use of text to come up with the subject matter of the artwork like for example the use of the bible and its stories as the subject of a painting. This somehow seems like a direct connection between text and art. However, there are many other ways in which art and text relate less directly. The term “visual text” is a very obvious example of these relations. Visual text is a text that makes its meaning with images and that can be “read” or decoded like written texts. Visual texts are often carefully constructed by their composers.…show more content…
Clarke and D. Clarke, "typography."). Text has also been a key element in the field of sign painting which is “the art of painting on buildings, billboards or signboards for the purpose of announcing or advertising products, services and events.” (ref) which would evolved to text-based logos as well as the use of text in advertisements for companies and brands. Moreover, textual art has been a political tool through graffiti which is “the spray paint designs and words which disfigure so many contemporary urban environments around the world.” (M. Clarke and D. Clarke, "graffito."). Art has also been integrated in text through concrete poetry which is “a type of poetry in which the physical appearance of the words embodies or extends their meaning and which is therefore considered a visual as well as a literary art.” (Chilvers and Glaves-Smith, "Concrete poetry."), as well as through altar poetry which is “a poem in which the verses or stanzas are so arranged that they form a design on the page and take the shape of the subject of the poem” (Cuddon, “Altar
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