Texting And Driving Should Be Banned

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I am in firm belief that prohibiting the use of cell phone (or any texting devices) while driving would be make the drivers and streets safer and or more aware. There are numerous reasons why texting and driving should be prohibited. For starters, human beings have a limited processing capacity. Processing capacity could be seen as a tank, while the water that fills the tank can be seen as tasks. Now how much water that is poured into this processing capacity tank are determined by whether they are high or low loaded tasks. A low loaded task would leave the tank with plenty of available room for other tasks while high loaded task would fill the majority of the tank up. Driving a car would be defined as a high loaded task, due to that driving a car takes a lot of cognitive processing. Including, at minimal both covert and overt attention combined with feature searching, visual searching, visual scanning is involved in the basic task load of driving a car. Figure in the low load task of texting into the filling of the processing capacity tank, the tank begins to overflow. What this means that something from the high loaded task must give up to make room, such as overt attention. When an individual is driving …show more content…

This argument is false. When you are talking listening to music and or you friend who is riding shot gun your overt attention is still focused upon the road ahead of you. Overt attention is defined by Dr. Bruce Goldstein as the “shifting of attention by moving the eyes.” This elucidates the explain of the process capacity tank being filled with different low and high loaded tasks. Talking to friend and driving may or may not overflow the capacity of the tank, but it does not remove one of the key point of attention, more specifically attention the road and the visual scanning that

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