Texting And Talking As A Form Of Communication

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When you look around at society now, you see most of them are one there phones even if there is someone right next to them. People on a date will just sit at the table one there devices, not paying attention to whatever is going on around them and people in the same room will text each other instead of talking to them. Texting and talking are the same and different in many ways. One way they are similar is that they both use words to communicate information. One way they are different is the way they communicate this information from one person to the next.
Texting is a form of communication. It uses a phone, iPod, or iPad to communicate to people when they are not around you but is still sometimes used when people are in the same room. Texting
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For starters, they are both ways of communicating with one or many persons. They also both use words to communicate and are used in the everyday life of an average person. Take the average teenage life for example, every day they talk to their friends at school and their family at home. When they are at home they text their friends and when they are away from home they text their parents and friends. Teenagers sometimes also text each other when they are in the same room as the other person. Texting and talking are also different in many ways. One way they are different is the way they communicate the information. Texting is usually used when people are not in the near vicinity of each other and still want to communicate and they use a phone, iPod, or iPad to communicate. Talking can be used when people are close together or far apart. When they are close together they talk face to face with using their mouths and ears to communicate. When they are far apart they can either shout or talk through a phone. Other ways they are different are the range at which they can communicate and how they talk using these forms of communication. When people text they sometimes use text talk. Text talk consists of emoticons and abbreviations. If you wanted to say I love you for example, you could say ILY or I luv
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