Texting And Texting

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Everyone knows that texting is a form of communication, almost all individuals experience it. All sources looked upon mainly have the said idea entailed. However, some may have never thought it would and could affect individuals in the real world of communicating face to face. Most have not thought about this issue as if it concerns many in writing papers or writing in general. Some say texting is texting; it does not matter what texting does. It is all a form of communication, so who cares. In the research of this topic, Does Texting Affect the Ability of Writing, many possessions are expressed in several different ways but a lot of things are said more than once, although, there are disparities as well. “Texting is the process of sending and receiving typed messages via cellular phone” (Cullington, 2010). Cullington is very specific in her essay and the research she has done, some of the same stuff is recapped; not by her but by others she has interviewed. In today’s society, numerous people have cellular devices, and all communicate with them in some way, mainly though test messaging. In Cullington’s essay, text messaging is expressed in many different ways that messaging through a cellular device is a standard way to communicate. The possible mode of texting makes it seem like a faster way to communicate, which it is, but is it the proper way to do so. First, abbreviations are a dense material that takes place during the processes of texting; it seems to make it a
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