Texting Behind The Wheel Summary

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In “Texting at the Light and Other Forms of Device Distraction behind the Wheel,” James L. Bernstein and Joseph Bernstein discuss the fact that devices are one of the biggest distractions for those who drive behind the wheel of a vehicle. The distraction will get worse as technology advances. Whether parked or in motion, a driver that is distracted is dangerous. They are making this claim because they gathered information through watching to streets during the busier hours of the day. Bernstein and Bernstein recorded drivers on “Lancaster Avenue and Church Road in Ardmore, Pennsylvania between hours of four pm and six pm, over a six week period in summer of 2014.” When drivers stop at a red stop light, they are written down as either “texting,” …show more content…

The data collected for a vehicle in motion, there was ninety-one percent not on a device, 3 percent recorded as texting, and five percent noted as talking on the phone. They also wrote down the types of vehicles and whether the notes there was a difference between drivers of Sedans, SUVs, and Minivans stopped at the stoplight. Sedans having seventy-nine percent not using a device, fourteen percent texting, and six percent talking on the phone. SUVs note seventy-eight percent, fourteen percent as texting and seven percent as talking on the phone. Drivers in a minivan are recorded as eighty percent not on a device, fourteen percent as texting, and four percent as talking on the phone. They also collected data and compared vehicles with a passenger and without a passenger. Vehicles with no passenger are recorded as seventy-six percent not on a device, sixteen percent as texting, and seven percent as talking on the phone. Vehicles with a passenger have recorded ninety-one percent, six percent texting, and two percent as talking on the

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