Texting While Driving

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Hey, LOL, TTYL, and more are texts that are not worth your life or others as we can can see in the Don't Text and Drive image. This powerful image lacks color and life which conveys the heartache and misery it can bring to one's family. Texting while driving proves to be hazardous in that it is a distraction, causes many accidents, and endangers your life and the lives of others. This monster has no age limit and no gender. Everyone at anytime could be subjected to a terrible accident due to you texting and driving or somebody else not paying attention while they are texting and driving. Texting while driving proves to be an epidemic that negatively affects teens and society as a whole and should be avoided at all costs. Cell phones have been proven to be a distraction to people young and old but mostly in teenagers. Driving while distracted is a factor in at least 25% of all car accidents (Nationwide). Teenagers and adults alike believe that they can multitask and text while driving. It is easily possible for your eyes to slip off the road. Therefore, instead of your eyes locking in on your phone they should be locked on watching your speed, the road, and the traffic. At the same time, while …show more content…

It limits your response to someone crossing the street, whether if its a child, an adult, or a group of teens. When you text and drive there is "less time to response to a roadway danger" (Hang up and drive). When having less time to respond to something in the road while texting and driving it may lead to many accidents and deaths. The usage of your phone while driving causes a dangerous environment to the people around you on the road. Staying off your phone prevents anyone including yourself from getting hurt. Texting while driving causes many dangers risking all walks of life. You never know what to expect on the road so one should be aware of their surroundings at all

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