Textual Analysis : Flight From Conversation

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Textual Analysis: The Flight from Conversation
Technology has been developing dramatically since our turn into the new era. It is undeniable to say that technology makes our lives much easier. For instance, the invention of the cell phone makes the connection between people easier. It is not a problem for a person to contact another person who is on the other side of country or even world because the texting feature in cell phones has been widely used. It is much easier for people to browse the news and know about what is going on in this enormous world with the helping of advanced technology. It is also more convenient to know about friend’s news through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because these applications have already been trending in the world. On the other hand, face-to-face communication is decreasing with the development of modern technology. People would prefer to contact each other via cell phone or check their phones all the time when they are out with friends instead of having real conversations. However, does technology truly bring those benefits or does it partly destroy the relationships between our humans? This topic has become a focus of public attention. For example, in “The Flight from Conversation,” Sherry Turkle presents the negative effects which technology brings to humans being (Turkle 136). Through the use of many convincing devices, such as testimonial, mataphors and appeals to the audience’s pathos, Turkle effectively asserts the idea to the
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