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Topic: Education: “Bad Way” to a “Future Life” Authored by: Patara Preechavith, HR Officer, True Corporation Applied to: One Young World 2015 Having greater opportunity to achieve such a more competitive life in professional settings always lie a belief to me that I have to invest in education, by graduate with the best score. The bad news is that I have been doing this the wrong way. For sixteen years until I graduated my bachelor’s degree, I was fostered since I studied in high school that copy-and-paste behavior is something ordinary and needs no concern with. This offer such an easy method for Thai students to complete their assignments by selecting any favorite contents from website and use them straightforwardly. However,…show more content…
School should design an elective subject offering students a generic knowledge and practical work experiences that aimed to prepare students for their future career such as marketing, economic or psychology as a basis, besides fundamental subjects. This will benefit student in giving them a freedom to find a subject that is compatible with their interests to study and most importantly give them an opportunity to discover and draw their own career. A big considering factor that should also be highlighted is a problem of classroom management and teacher quality. In public school, for example my school, there is a minimum of 40 students per class so it is difficult for teacher to focus on large number and cannot cover them all with a lot of content in a day. Regularly, the students who are the brightest, classified by their grade, will be ranked and united them into the same classroom, while others who get a lower score will be in a different classroom. I think this should be a key concern that teacher seems to focus more on the top rank students in order that those students are likely to have a better future, while less taking care of weaker students. Therefore, I think it is time for a change. Those weaker students must have an individual counseling hour at least two times a week by their assistant teacher with an objective to give students an advice to get a better performance outcome. Plus, it would be more comfortable for
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