Thanks for the Memories. Love, Sex and World War II by Jane Mersky Leder

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Thinking about the hard times of World War II, famine and poverty stricken, broken lives, husbands and fathers being sent overseas with the mere possibility of never seeing their families again. Taking on another twist, during World War II, it was a time of sexual experimentation and loosing of the overall morale of people. It was a time of conflict and emotions, sacrifice, and a time of discovery. Men and women alike, the Great Depression and the war disrupted lives. Times were hard and money was even harder to come by. Great lengths were taken to preserve their lives. In the book “Thanks for the Memories: Love, Sex, and World War II,” the author Jane Leder explains the social and sexual experiences of groups of people, and what it was like to be young in the 1940’s, with a world at war and lives uprooted. Jane Leder began her journey as a writer after she was an English teacher for many years. She started her career as a newspaper reporter then as a writer/producer of educational materials. Her curiosity about how ordinary people reacting to extraordinary times and conditions drove her to writing from the start. In the book, there are stories from people who lived through this time and how they dealt with it. Leder tells a story of a young couple courtship between Betty Lou and George Rarey who had a brief but truly passionate marriage, which was separated by the war and his time in the service. George was a fighter pilot in Nazi Germany, eventually leading to his plane

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