Thanksgiving Dinner Disadvantages

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As Thanksgiving approaches, nearly every person can recall a time when he witnessed a stressed out family member panic to prepare the best possible Thanksgiving dinner. The stresses of cooking Thanksgiving dinner usually begin during the planning and shopping phase. During the planning and shopping phase, many people will start to question their purchases by asking himself questions such as, “Is this the cranberry sauce that Aunt Cindy likes,” and, “What do I need for Grandma’s famous stuffing?” During the preparation stage, a person might overcook the turkey or end up with a gravy that is a little too watery causing a near panic attack. Finally, during the setup phase of Thanksgiving dinner the host may realize that although he remembered …show more content…

The Cadet Mess Manager, Executive Chef, one to two Cook Supervisors, Bakery Supervisor, and USCC Dietitian create a menu that follows guidelines set by AR40-25. The guidelines suggest that a moderately active twenty-year-old male requires around 3250 calories per day over the course of three meals and the Basics of the Cadet Mess Menu also states that the meals will consist of 15-20% protein, 55-60% carbohydrate, and 25-30% fat. Although it may be difficult not to sacrifice quality for quantity, the 6% increase in USMA’s budget can help provide not only nutritional meals that will help bring cadets to their peak performance capabilities, but do so with meals that cadets enjoy by hosting larger scale taste tests, buying locally grown produce, and hiring more workers.
To bring new variety to the current menu, the mess hall staff should hold a larger scale taste testing of the suggested menu item to obtain more quality feedback. Currently, outlined in the Cadet Mess Hall Taste Tests, taste tests are conducted by using a random selection of sixty cadets and are held three to four times during the Fall and Spring semesters. With the increased budget, West Point can provide more taste tests, and serve the item to the entire corps. As the waiting staff brings the food to each table, they can also give the table commandant a paper that rates the new menu

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