The 14th Amendment Incorporation Doctrine Due Process Clause

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10/8/17 Topic: #2 14th Amendment Incorporation Doctrine Due Process Clause The intent of the fourteenth Amendment was to establish and protect equal rights for all, but most importantly-the former slaves. The fourteenth Amendment granted a unique form of citizenship to the recently freed slaves and their future families, while also containing the framework of rights and protections that would be a part of this new type of citizenship. The fourteenth Amendment redefined the entire idea of citizenship. Before the reform of the 14th Amendment, citizenship under the constitution was in reference to all free white males or person of the original thirteen states and any other states admitted to the union. This parameter granted protection of life, liberty, property and civil rights and immunities from the government. However, especially in the southern democratic colonies, slaves were seen as property, Inferior and non- citizens. They had no rights, neither was there any protection for them under the law. The ratification of the 14th Amendments changed such ideology. To compensate for all the injustices the slaves suffered, this amendment was there to offer some level of hope. The clauses under the Amendment provided some framework of protection for everyone. The equal protection clause requires that states under their jurisdiction; equal protection to everyone, while rejecting any discrimination to anyone. The Due Process Clause prevents local and state

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