The 1950s and the 1960s

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The 1950s and the 1960s had many similarities, though they had many differences as well. Their similarities and differences include: the politics, the economy, the society, and the culture of both decades. In the 1950s, North Korea moved into South Korea and began a civil war between the two parallel countries. The reason for this dispute was the border lines as well as guerrilla fighting in the South, which created a greater tension on the issue. The reason why the U.S entered the Korean War was so that the Soviet Union would not gain another nation and, in turn, more power. Like the 50s, our country was also at war with another country in the 60s. This time, the U.S was at war with Vietnam. The U.S entered the war because the…show more content…
After Kennedy’s assassination, the country mourned and Lyndon B. Johnson assumed the presidency and began to finish the work that JFK started. Although Eisenhower was not a take charge kind of president, the country achieved a heightened level of prosperity. Economically, the 1950s were a pretty successful era. People had been saving their money through WW2 and they were ready to start buying houses, cars, etc. There was much inflation in the during the war, but it had quickly diminished as the years progressed. One of the issues that Eisenhower tried to address was to balance the federal budget of the nation. This was very difficult, especially since the families of the 50s were buying more and spending less with the use of credit cards. However, in the 1960s, prosperity was becoming too far out of reach. The Cold War and the Korean War were very costly in military spending. It had taken its toll on the economy. Even with more people buying, the economy was growing at a very slow rate. There were also millions of Americans who were still living in poverty, and the economy had gone into recession quite a few times in the 60s. Then, the stock market fell dramatically, the worst it had been since the Depression. Kennedy addressed this by making tax cuts for larger business, which helped the economy develop and grow more prosperous in the years to come. However, inflation made a reappearance
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