The 1st Amendment And The First Amendment

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A big issue that also surrounds the removal of the memorials nationwide is the role that the First Amendment plays in the argument. The statues, regardless of their original purpose, remain protected by the freedom of speech clause found in our Constitution. In James Bowman’s article, “Right Side vs White Side”, he plays devil’s advocate to those in favor of keeping the statues in place. Bowman states, “The Unite the Right protesters in Charlottesville were exercising their right to free speech and had a permit for their march. The left-wing protesters who set upon them with clubs and other weapons had no permit and were trying to deny them their right to speak,” (Bowman 3). Even though the basis of the march may have aggravated the left side and caused a headache for the residents in the vicinity, the march occurred legally. We live in a country where one has every right to express their opinions, in addition to formulating new ones, as long as they do not harm others. In fact, in this case, the left side, the so called “right side” in terms of this article, was in the wrong. Intolerant and rigid, they lacked the ability to listen to their own views be criticized and retaliated. Yes, the views expressed by both sides clashed, and yes, the hateful slurs used have no place in modern day society, but it was unfair to use physical actions against the words that were technically protected by society and the Constitution. Felt nationwide, the tensions due to the monuments rise,

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