The 2015 Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis Essay

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The 2015 Middle Eastern refugee crisis is becoming a serious security concern throughout Europe. 380,000 asylum seekers are fleeing their countries, mainly from Syria which counts 49% of the total immigrant population, but among them, there are many of Iraqis and Afghans too that are looking for a safe place to live (Amnesty). Many are entering the European Union through Serbia, Hungary, and Greece. Most of the families left their war-torn country in a hurry without any money, but most importantly without any identifications, which is causing a serious security concern (Feher). Terrorist affiliated groups can easily travel through countries to a predetermined destination to perform terrorist attacks against its residents. The European Union is taking some controversial measures to solve this increasing problem within the member states with the intent to accommodate all asylum seekers’ needs while forcing each member country to take in a set number of refugees that is predetermined by the leaders of the EU. As the European Union moves forward with its refugee gathered propaganda, Hungary and other Easter European nations should continue to fight against its aggressive policy to keep their people safe and protect their traditions while still threatened to pay millions of Euros in fines for not willing to collaborate with the EU.
The refugee crisis is not new to Europe and moved senior states to vote on the 1951 Geneva Convention that adopted a legal framework concerning

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