The 2nd Reich in Germany Rivaled Britain as Superpower of Europe

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In 1871 the nation of Germany formed under the 2nd Reich. Soon after this German nation would begin rivaling the superpowers in Europe of the time. By the beginning of the 20th century, Germany under the leadership of its kaiser would challenge the British Empire for the top power in Europe. In 1914 Germany would throw its self into a war which would end in chaos for its people. The following years after brought hardships that would strike the new Weimar Republic, creating a breading ground for extremists groups. These extremist groups came from both ends of the political spectrum, and were able to push their ideas based on the fears of the middle and upper class, and the strife of the down and out working class. The party that would …show more content…

The Second Reich was a militaristic society that taught order and obedience. Growing up in a militaristic society the average German was taught that to be a good German was to be a good soldier. With ideals like this it was easy for the military to gain favor among the masses. The military expansion was also used as a tool for power, glory, and expansion. Wilhelm II wanted Germany to have a policy of weltpolitik, or for Germany to be a world power. To do this he realized he needed a strong navy to colonize abroad. He sold the navy building as a national project that would benefit all Germans. By doing this he helped instill a stronger sense of national pride in the German people. He also wanted a possible expansion out east. The Naval League and the Colonial League were lobby groups created to pitch lebensraum to the people and push the naval project. Wilhelm II also thought about expanding east which would involve taking part of Russia. This part of his plan would be completed when the Russians dropped out of WWI due to revolution, all though the treaty to take this land wouldn't last long. By instilling extreme nationalism into the German people, the average German was on board with plans for national power and expansion. During the time of the Second Reich attitudes of race and antisemitism started to flare in Germany. Racial overtones began to develop in Germany due to science. This

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