The 50th Engineer Company

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The History of the 60th Engineer Company
Louis Vonpatterson
MSCOE NCO Academy Advance Leaders Course

History is not history without the sacrifice of others before, during and after us. Decades of blood, sweat and tears have been given in effort for 60th Engineer Company to be known as the Jungle Eaters. With a lineage dating back to 1944, I will take you from the past to the present state of the 60th Engineer Company. The history behind the awards earned, the different unit designations and duty descriptions. I’ll take you through the many activations and deactivations of the 60th Engineer Company You will know the missions and methods used to be a successful unit in the United States Army Corps of Engineers. It makes me proud to be a Jungle Eater and show’s me just how important it is to be a part of the 60th Engineer Company, in which I’ve had the honor and privilege to do for the last 6 years of my career. An once again as the 60th Engineer Company prepares to disband, I’m positive that this will not be the last time the 60th Engineer Company will stand again on its own. Keywords: 60th Engineer Company, Linage, Jungle Eaters, Activation/Deactivations
The 60th Engineer Company started as the 1776th Engineer General Service Company on 11 October 1944 as an AGR (active guard reserve) unit. Their location or duty station as we know it was in Paris, France where they served there as laborers. They would complete any job or mission given that day

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