The 5th Wave Character Analysis

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There are various elements that express the foundation of The 5th Wave. The foundation is designed with many themes that are intricately woven in behind the words. Three of the most prominent themes discussed in this novel includes the following: war cannot change who a person is at their core, family keeps you going and is worth dying for, and to win a war you must know how your enemy thinks. The lead characters in The 5th Wave have all shown examples of these, and each has their own personal paragon when considering these specific themes.
To begin, war cannot change who a person is at their core. The author of The 5th Wave, Rick Yancey, illustrates this theme in a few characters, however, Zombie’s (Ben Parish) situation is protrusive. …show more content…

In like manner, Yancey uses the theme of family in his novel. Specifically, family keeps you going and is worth dying for; this is a recurring leitmotif in The 5th Wave. To demonstrate, when Zombie was first brought to Camp Haven, he lost the will to live. This was due to his family’s death (mostly his sister.) Colonel Vosch then went to Zombie’s room to spark his vengeance against the aliens. Vosch used Zombie’s sister’s death to get him to fight against the aliens. Vosch picked at his calloused heart saying, “‘You left her. When she needed you, you ran.” This idea haunted Zombie. He had nightmares about his sister’s screams that occurred when he left her in the end. Colonel Vosch knew this was his weakness (by using the Wonderland program to “map” his brain), and used it to get Zombie out of the ward and onto the battlefield, even if it wasn’t for the right reasons.
Another moment where the importance of family was exhibited was when Cassie was trapped under a vehicle. The situation was simple; Cassie was shot in the leg with a Silencer in the woods. (A Silencer is the name Cassie gave to the Others that killed off the last of the humans.) While she was under the vehicle considering her choices, she took into account the promise she made to Sammy, “But I had made a promise.” Cassie recalls when she told Sammy she would find him and they would be together soon; this

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