The 9 Layers Of Hell Essay

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Dante Alighieri was a major Italian poet born in 1265 A.D know most famously for his Epic poem, the Devine Comedy. The Devine Comedy is a narration of Dante’s journey through Hell, purgatory and finally Heaven. Dante utilizes the notion of hell to encourage, admonish and warn his readers of the contrapasso of their sins, the different layers of hell, and famous leaders of his time. This essay is an exposition, interpretation and critical analysis of the 9 layers of Hell depicted in Dante’s epic, the Inferno.
To begin Dante’s trip to heaven to be with his one true love Beatrice, he must first travel through hell. Directly through the gates of hell is the outlying regions of Hell, or Ante-inferno. This is the area that houses those who did not commit to good or evil, but who lived their lives without making conscious moral choices. These souls have been denied by both heaven and hell. This does not mean Ante-inferno is much more pleasant than hell. Souls here must constantly chase after blank banners while flies and wasps constantly bite them and worms consume their blood and tears. Neutral angels do the tormenting in this place. These are the angels that did not choose God nor Satan in the war of heaven. This first punishment we see in our journey through hell sets the stage for punishments that fit the crime. We see souls having to chase a blank banner symbolizing the meaninglessness of their time on earth. In the afterlife wasps and flies are present to sting

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