The Aboriginal Population And The Indigenous Australian Population

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Social justice is the idea that the distribution of benefits and burdens within a society will be distributed equally among all populations. If social justice is met all members of a society would be entitled to the same rights and have access to the same quality services. However, if we think back on the history of the United States and on the world in general, we can easily understand that social justice has not been fulfilled in many societies. Take the Indigenous Australian population and the African-American population residing in the United States for example. There were both historical and present-day injustices against these populations that have resulted in health disparities. While the historical trauma that led to their respective health disparities may be different, there are similarities in the challenges both groups face today regarding their health in comparison to majority populations. According to Sotero, historical trauma is endured when a population is unjustly subjected to long-term trauma that results in their population exhibiting a higher prevalence of a disease (93). This trauma can come in many different forms such as colonialism, genocide, war, and slavery and its negative effects can be felt for generations to come (Sotero 93). In the case of the Indigenous Australian population, their historical trauma resulted from British colonization. Prior to the arrival of the Europeans, the Aboriginal population had already faced severe hardships due to

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