The Abstract Ideas Of Art

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The Abstract Ideas of Art: The Philosophical Reasons

Naohito Takeda
AP Seminar-5, Analytical Composition
February 17, 2017

Is it important to fund the arts? Art has impacted society positively and negatively. The negative impacts has to be considered so there is fairness and solutions. The philosophy of art is a way to express ideas on the funding of arts. The government is the main source for the funding of arts. However, the government has to consider the other factors for funding, like the military and social security. If the government funds only the arts, then it will create inequality. “Art reflects the values, aspirations, and questions of a culture.” Andy Horwitz, a founder for Culturebots art, …show more content…

“The government and the cultural and creative industries need to take a united and coherent approach that guarantees equal access for everyone to a rich cultural education and the opportunity to live a creative life.” If the government and industries have a reason for art, it will create many opportunities for the ability to build their art skills and there will be efficient funding.
Perspective #1: The Negative Reasons
The philosophy of art has a negative effect that impacts art industries and the government.. “Art funding, on the other hand, creates a culture of long term dependency where companies are more focused on securing healthy salaries through grants than on producing work the public might actually want to see.” Douglas Mcpherson, a writer for The Telegraph, argues that art companies focus more on making money than making art. When art programs focus on wealth, they will be unlikely successful and as a consequence, it leads to lower funding. The smart choice is to focus on working on arts so art programs will be successful. “Government spending should be focused on objectivity beneficial policies that benefits all not on policies which only provides a mere past time to a minority of people.” is where there are arguements on different topics. The government should not fund only art, but they should focus on the important policies in order to have fairness in the U.S. In overall, the negative effects cause instability and problems

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