The Abuse That May Affect Adults

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This report aims to describe the abuse which may affect adults. Abuse is a term in which to describe an act of intentionally or unintentionally harming yourself or someone else leaving physical or emotional damage or effects. There are many types of abuse such as physical, sexual, psychological, exploitation, bullying, neglect and many more. It is difficult to categorise abuse as there could be many reasons behind the abuse and because there are so many types of abuse.
Physical effects.
Physical abuse can have many effects on adults. Physical abuse is where force or contact is put upon a person where it is not wanted. For example, a vulnerable person could be being threatened and they could be in a position where the person who is
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Care workers with care of paralysed patients have been prosecuted for taking advantage of people in this situation. Care workers have also been prosecuted for being involved in a relationship with patients with learning disabilities as the patient has been unaware, not being able to understand the situation and not given consent to, that the care worker has taken advantage of. This can lead to the victim feeling hurt emotionally, they could have nightmares or flash backs of any harsh incidents, they may not want to see anyone or go anywhere in case they have to come in contact with the same person again or they may isolate themselves due to feeling low self-worth.
Psychological/emotional effects.
Psychological or emotional abuse can also be emotional and mental. It affects adults in many ways. This type of abuse can be oral, through messages or through actions. For example, a previous partner could be jealous of a new relationship and try and separate the two people by creating lies. This problem can occur in both men and women. A person could be threatened and treated with little respect to make the other person seem more superior than the threatened person. Continuous put-downs and name calling can also be psychological abuse as the person could feel embarrassed and humiliated in front of others. All of these things can lead to a person feeling
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