The Act Of Losing The Right For Vote For Inmates

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-The act of losing the right to vote for inmates has been around for ages, actual its been around since ancient Greece and Rome. This act was known as ' ' Civil Death ' '. Civil Death is when a person loses all or almost all civil rights due to incarceration. When it comes to inmates losing the right to vote many are on the fence. For instance Steve Chapman, a columnist and editorial writer at the Chicago Tribune, he completely disagree with inmates losing their right to vote. He believes that if ex-convicts are trusted to own property, marry or even reproduces why cant they have the option of help choosing are future leaders. Steve was even quoted saying ' 'If we thought criminals could never be reformed, we wouldn 't let them out of prison in the first place. ' ' However, on the other side of the fence lies people like Roger Clegg President of the Center for Equal Opportunity debate. Roger Clegg completely disagrees with Steve Chapman. In fact Roger believes that inmates or even ex-convicts are not trustworthy and shouldn’t be able to vote. Roger let his opinion known by this following statement “We don’t let children vote, for instance, or non citizens,or the mentally incompetent why? Because we don’t trust them and their judgment So the question is, do criminals belong in that category? And I think the answer is clearly yes. People who commit serious crimes have shown that they are not trustworthy." When it comes to prisoners voting I’m on the fence. A good part of

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