The Adam Shepard Project: Homeless Man Essay

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The time span this book occurred in is from July 2006 to April 2007 in Charleston, South Carolina. Portraying as a homeless man, Shepard starts off in Crisis Ministries, a homeless shelter that would have “the resources necessary to get him [me] back on his [my] feet,” (Chapter 1, page 9) which was a great kick-starter for his project. Shepard would move into an attic of one of his boss's, George, friend, Mickey, because it was the “best all-around deal that he [I] was going to find,” (Chapter 11, page 137) and because he wanted to leave Crisis Ministries, due to Shepard accepting that the Crisis Ministries was unacceptable to consider to stay in. Afterward, Shepard bought an apartment with his co-worker, Derrick's, cousin, Bubble Gum, …show more content…

Obviously, the purpose of the book is to answer the question of if ”the American Dream is still alive,” (Introduction chapter, page x) and if it was, what exactly is today's American Dream. Considering that Shepard's project “exceeded his [my] own expectations,” (Epilogue, page 212) one element would be financial success because he praised how the perks of the United States helped turn his $25 to $5,000; “Look at what I’ve done with $25. Imagine what I can do with $5,000,” (Epilogue, page 207). Another element is happiness because if you have the ambition or passion for do what you accomplish in the United States, you will succeed. For example, when Shepard received his job as a mover, he was satisfied of his long-term guarantee of having it; “I was energized by the idea that my time as a mover... was finite.” (Chapter 9, page 119). Another purpose is also encourage people to make differences in others' lives because Shepard's journey mentions how small contributions can impact someone else, for example, the bus driver brightening up Shepard's day; “Every morning when I boarded the bus, there he was with a huge smile and a “Good Morning!”” (Chapter 10, page 134)

The speaker of the book is Adam Shepard, a graduate from Merrimack College in 2006 (About the author). Shepard uses colloquial language

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