The Addiction Of Cigarettes And Teen Smoking

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My presenting problem is my addiction to cigarettes. I was 13 years old the first time I smoked a cigarette. My addiction began due to peer pressure. Smoking was my way of building social relationships. However, soon I was smoking more or an equal amount of cigarettes than my friends. Since the age of 19, I have been smoking twenty cigarettes a day, which is a pack of cigarettes daily. My addiction to cigarettes is a problem because it is affecting my health. I become fatigued due to smoking. When I do not smoke, I become stressed. Smoking also damages my cardio-respiratory system. In addition, smoking is affecting me economically. I spend between eight to ten dollars a day on cigarettes. Also, my smoking habit is affecting me socially. Before smoking was my way of connecting with friends, now I hardly find someone who smokes and is comfortable with me smoking nearby. Finally, it interrupts some of my activities like studying. When I am in the middle of an activity, like doing homework, I have to interrupt the activity because I am craving a cigarette. Recently, I have attempted to balance my unhealthy behavior with healthy behaviors. I attempt to exercise and eat healthier. But, I am not exercising as much as I wish. Thus, my desired outcome for my desired change behavior is to decrease my daily cigarette consumption and/or increase my exercise frequency. During nine sessions, I worked to treat my presenting problem as a client of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). To

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