The Admission Of A Grad School

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Personal Essay to the Admission of a Grad School
1. What draws you to this program right now?
My desire has always been to venture into the field of arts and design. In the process of exploring the right life and career path from the unprecedentedly prosperous diversification of art and design, I have realized that since we live in the era of digital technology innovation, the rising demand of “applied arts” (multimedia and industrial design) is far beyond the range of “traditional arts”(drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.) in our society. With this observation, I have made a decision to target one of the most recently emergent and burgeoning design discipline, human-centered interaction design, after making a comprehensive analysis of my …show more content…

I see your graduate program as an excellent opportunity for me to pursue my dream, for it will allow me to develop relevant design skills which will enable me to make positive impact to the society.
2. What experiences have best prepared you for this work in interaction design and community engagement?
After I completed my bachelor degree, I realized that nothing would be more important to me than being responsible for my own life. The next logical step for me was to drag myself to the right track. To do so, graduate school was definitely the ultimate decision. In order to furnish myself with essential knowledge of applied arts, I spent two more years studying digital art and design based on Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash, InDesign is currently under self-taught progress), sound design (Pro Tools), and video design and editing (Final Cut Pro) applications. I finished all of the chosen lab-based design courses with satisfactory grades.
Additionally, I believe earning a mobile UX & UI design certificate was definitely a significant experience towards the graduate education which I intend to pursue. Throughout the challenging activity-based group project, I have learned about and practiced a human-centered process, focusing on hands-on applications of user-centered design approaches such as storyboarding user scenarios, user testing of paper prototypes for designing and developing native mobile

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