The Adolescent Years Of The Twentieth Century

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The Adolescent Years of the Twentieth Century The years 1912 to 1925 were a transformative period in our world’s history full of new discoveries, brutal warfare, and the liberation of women within society. This era contained the first wave of the feminist movement, World War I, the sinking of the titanic, and many other events that have influenced both the modernist and the postmodernist movement as well as the ideologies of our society. This analysis will provide a history of World War I and its cultural influences for decades to come. During the 19th and early 20th century tensions within Europe between Serbia and the former Austro-Hungarian nation were running at an all-time high. In 1876, Serbia went to war with Turkey and conquered Bosnia, an area inhabited by a majority of Serbians. Two years later at the Congress of Berlin, Bosnia was given back to Turkey under Austria’s protection.
In 1878, Serbia was declared an independent state with the signing of the Treaty of San Stefano. Attempting to gain economic independence for Serbia within the Balkan region, Serbia began to trade with Bulgaria and France exporting pork to these nations. This enraged the Austro-Hungarians and led to an embargo on Serbian goods in Austria-Hungary, which was subverted by selling its pork to France through Bosnia and eventually led to what is now known as the Pig War between the two nations. This conflict peaked
after the Bosnia Crisis of 1908, when Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia to

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