The Advantages Of Attractiveness

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Attractiveness has been studied for years by psychologists to understand the advantage of being attractive. Prior research has concluded that attractive people do receive more benefits and advantages. Studies focusing on attractiveness are difficult because there is no universal rule for what is deemed attractive, everyone has their own personal opinion on what is considered attractive, which changes throughout the years. Studies haven’t focused on the different advantages between attractive men and women, and if one receives more than the other. In this current study both genders are measured through recruiting various college students (25 men and 25 women). Each student is given a scenario where both genders need help along with two random pictures one male and one female, but for each the question would be either an attractive man with an unattractive women or vice versa. For each question there will be one picture that has more attractive facial qualities while the other has an average face and attractive qualities. The students will be given a 1-5 liker scale depicting how likely or unlikely they are to be empathic to each gender. Results showed that attractiveness does lead to them receiving help more than the less attractive pictures, however when comparing men and women attractive women not only received more than attractive men but also average women. This supporting prior research that it does pay to be beautiful, because there are advantages for being attractive.

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