The Aegean Bronze Age Essay

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The Aegean Bronze age displayed a proliferation of beliefs manifested in social practices, and material culture. Among these practices, the display of idols became substantial in epitomizing social realities. The Minoan civilization, being one of the most momentous urbanization formed during this period, established the use of icons to exemplify their cultural and societal views. Emblems in the form of deities, monstrous creatures, hybrids and composites were prominent, alluding to the ways in which the Minoan populace endured the changing scope of their society. Yet despite these emblems’ production, the notion of fantastic beings did not necessarily originate from Crete alone. More often than not, cultural practices migrated and constantly moved allowing for adaptations in material culture to materialize. Bearing this in mind, this essay will seek to probe the ways in which fantastic creatures moved and were adapted in Minoan culture, specifically within the ritualistic contexts of the Minoan Civilization. Three issues will be investigated by the essay namely, how fantastic creatures were depicted within the Minoan setting, the roles these icons played within the context of ritualistic practices of the Minoan period, and how the origins of these creatures impacted the new society they belonged in.
The spread of material culture in Minoan society fundamentally reflect the ways in which its citizens moved within their time and space. Various representations of otherworldly

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