The Affects Of Social Class Inequality On Higher Education

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The Affects of Social Class Inequality on Higher Education
Assignment 1: Literature Review
48-290 Researching Social Life
Fall 2015
Professor: Mark Munsterhjelm
Date submitted: 8 October 2015
Ashley Doung

1. Research Question The literature review addresses the following question: Does social class inequality affect higher education? The theoretical paradigm that is considered for this question is the Critical paradigm, in which is mainly qualitative and inductive. Critical paradigm is appropriate to answer this particular question because it involves inductive reasoning that begins from a specific observation to a more generalize. The paradigm also looks at how people are at a disadvantage when it comes to obtaining a higher education and incorporates observations and interviews that cultivate a conversation and the interviewee’s reflection. By interviewing people in different social classes and asking how it affects their education, researchers are able to identify the affects social class has on higher education.

2.1 Source Bibliographic Information
Author(s): Vyronides, Marios; Lamprianou, Iasonas
Year of publication: 2013
Article Title: Education and Social Stratification Across Europe
Journal title: The International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy
Volume and issue: Vol. 33 Issue 1/2
Page numbers: 77-97
Database: ProQuest Political Science
The article Education and Social Stratification across Europe, focus on the

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