The Affordable Care Act ( Aca ) Expands Dependent Coverage

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An increasing number of young people are receiving health insurance coverage through their parents’ plans. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) expands dependent coverage to young adults 25 years old or younger. As a result, over 3 million young adults have gained coverage since 2010 (Benjamin D. Sommers, 2014) Covered individuals can now obtain important preventive reproductive and sexual health care services – such as STI screenings and birth control – with no additional copayment (Sommers, 2014). Together, these changes have the potential to improve young people’s access to critical sexual and reproductive health care.

There has been a decade-long spike in the awareness of mental illness and suicide ideation among teenagers and young adults. Accordingly, researchers have determined, based on the results of numerous studies and trials, that there exists the possibility of dramatically reducing mental illness, suicides and suicidal behavior, thereby raising the potential of promoting overall wellness among young people. Many political leaders and mental health professionals, encouraged by the results of the studies, have asked school administrators and community leaders to enact awareness and prevention programs in their jurisdictions, while requesting that program leaders take responsibility for program results (e.g., No Child Left Behind, 2002).

The amount of critical
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