The Pros And Cons Of Mental Health Screening

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Mental illness is a condition which causes serious disorder in a person's behaviour or thinking. Suicide is a leading cause of death for people seriously affected by mental illness. Depression is a major cause of suicide. According to a study carried out recently by Delhi-based Cosmos Institute of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, 67 per cent of people with suicidal behaviour had an underlying major depressive disorder (Press Trust Of India, 2016). Screening is a process for evaluating the possible presence of a particular problem. The outcome is normally a simple yes or no. In my opinion, mental health screening brings more disadvantages to people.
First and foremost, one of the disadvantages is we have yet to perfect the art or science of telling the difference. Screening for mental illness is not like screening for cholesterol. It is not an exact science, especially when it comes to determining whether someone with a mental illness poses a danger to others. …show more content…

So having a screening test did not make them live longer, they just learned that they had cancer earlier. This means that it increased the time they spent living as cancer patients by several years. From those sentences, we know that many people have treatment although they would never have got the disease. This is because many abnormal changes do not necessarily develop into a more serious condition, or might even go back to normal again by themselves. If you only look at the number of people who were alive five years after their cancer was diagnosed, screening seems to be highly effective (IQWiG,2013).
As a result, mental health screening should be abolished. An alternative to screening would be better mental health awareness programs, such as a video teaching teens about depression and suicide, and for counsellors also to work with the teenager's family and acknowledge the community situation (Borrell B,

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