The Affordable Care Act ( Aca ) Essay

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Taking Our Lives Into Our Own Hands
Those who opposed the placement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are now making Congress wish that they would have listened in the beginning. With the way that the Affordable Care Act is set up, it does not allow for our county to provide full medical coverage to all Americans without creating massive national debt. THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT HAS A WEAK FOUNDATION THAT ONLY SUFFOCATES THE MIDDLE CLASS WHILE LEAVING OUR NATION WITH MORE NATIONAL DEBT AND UNINSURED AMERICANS.
The foremost concept of the Affordable Care Act was to allow for more poverty-stricken Americans to be able to gain access to health care. Yet, if you widen the amount of people can get free health care, who is meant to pay for them? In order for this new program to work, the US government needed enough young and healthy Americans to pay into the costs of having health care. However, problems began when Americans were finding that it was less expensive to just take the penalty for not having health care. Elementary office secretary, Catherine Moore explained in a personal interview, how a co-worker had also come across this same realization. “I worked with a lady that during the first year [of the Affordable Care Act] it was cheaper for her to take the penalty than to pay for insurance.” So now, not only is the government missing out on money that could have been used to support those who could not afford health care, but it is also encouraging healthy people who may not

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