The Affordable Care Act Is The Chief Repair Of The United States Health Care System

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The Affordable Care Act was the chief repair of the United States health care system that afford coverage for over 94 percent of Americans (ACA, 2014). These countless modifications benefit many Americans who have pre-existing conditions which normally had not been obtainable up to know. This project described the Health Insurance Marketplace coverage that function identified by metal tier that include consumer-costs and services. Each family decision will be individual regards they health status and economical needs. Even vulnerable people (immigrants) is also part of that who contribute United States economy and expected to be in good health. Programs such as manage care and Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid) vacant for this population. In last, as United Sates is multicultural building our understanding about diverse communities that living here and endure their lives. Cultural assessment Hispano or Latinos identified and prospective impact on health that could be attributed to cultural perspectives, beliefs, behavior, norms, communication customs, and population views.
Marketplace coverage by metal tier
After researching the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that state-run marketplaces for their consumers with insurance plans, and organized them to compare by “metal” tier in variety colors-bronze, silver, gold, and platinum that indicate “a new era of comparison shopping” (Olivero, 2013). It offers different benefits to select the right insurance option for consumers…
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