The Affordable Care Act Of 2010 Essay

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The Republican Party has continued to distance itself from the median voter more and more each year. Policies are being driven further to the right and left on both sides, a result of fierce partisan politics, to a degree that may keep independent and moderate voters stuck in their middle ground. In order for the Republican Party to appeal to a new age of republican voters, they must appeal to the nature of the voters while staying true to their mission of small government and conservative ideals. To do this, issues in domestic and economic policy specifically must be addressed thoroughly and provided with the best solution available.
One of the most controversial policies implemented by President Obama and the Democratic Party was the Affordable Care Act of 2010. The Affordable Care Act aimed to cut the rate of uninsured Americans and increase the quality of healthcare that they were receiving. While this has been somewhat effective in its own regard, there is much more room for improvement. Now that insurance companies have to cover a broader scope of people, including those with pre-existing conditions, many Americans that previously had health insurance have witnessed a spike in their premium rates. This, along with an increase in new taxes on products such as medical devices and pharmaceuticals, subsidizes the costs of the Affordable Care Act; those with high incomes also received a higher tax rates.
Despite these shortcomings, the Affordable Care Act presents an
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