The African American Subculture in Changes by Tupac Essay

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The song Changes was recorded by Tupac Shakur, a deceased African American hip-hop artist. He rapped about the African American subculture in America. The record label released this song in 1998; it is still popular within subcultures of America. He grew up in the 1980s, and the social policies of that period, such as the War on Drugs, influenced his music. The videos of the song were found after a quick search on YouTube. The lyrics of this song are found on the internet from Google search of “Tupac, changes”. I have read the lyrics and listened to the music. Tupac focused on “that’s just the way it is” through the song (2Pac-Changes). He wanted the African American community to change their behaviors and rise above the social perception …show more content…

This incident triggered massive riots in Los Angeles areas. Tupac was aware of the violence and saw no change from decades ago; racism was alive and thrived in the streets of America.
Tupac’s America was a nation terrified of changes. He wrote, “It’s time to fight back, that’s what Huey said, 2 shots in the dark, now Huey’s dead” (2PAC LYRICS). He believed the government assassinated Huey Newton, the Black Panther leader, a militant group that employed violent means to protect black people from the police. In verse number three, Tupac compared the America’s war in Iraq to the violence in the high poverty neighborhoods (2PAC LYRICS). He then described government policies relating to “war on drugs," which resulted in mandatory arrest policies, harsh drug laws on crack cocaine, and the explosion of the African American population in penitentiaries. Tupac tried to convey to the listeners the society must change, but it will most likely change for the worst.
Strain Theory states social pressure forces individuals that had their goals blocked to commit crime to survive. The theory explains Tupac’s lyrics of the conflicted belief, whether it is possible to achieve the changes he wished. In the song, Tupac encouraged African Americans to change their behaviors, and treat other African Americans as brothers. The necessity of filling a hungry stomach, forced him to commit robberies (2PAC LYRICS). Tupac’s song claimed when any

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