The African Of African Diaspora Essay

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Over the course of four months, through my African World Survey class, I have seen a glimpse of five thousand years of African history unfold. Before entering the class, my expectations from the course was to learn where did my people come from and how did they live. Within the time I spent in the first class, I soon realized that these two questions did not have simple answers to them. Among this discovery, I learned that people in the African Diaspora makeup every aspect of the human race whether we realize it or not. Through the teachings in class and from the readings from the text, “Reversing Sail: A History of the African Diaspora”, I am now knowledgeable on how race, rebellions, and the resilience of people from the African diaspora has changed the entire course of humanity as we know it and all it would ever be.
“Antiquity reminds us that modernity could not have been predicted, that Africans were not always under the heel but were in fact at the forefront of human civilization.” (Chapter 1 p.8) To begin the journey of the African diaspora, there must first be an intricate investigation on the cultures in Africa. As we know Africa makes up fifty-four countries with well over a thousand ethnic groups who often has there own language, rituals, and traditions that are practiced and have been practiced for centuries. To understand each tribe’s mission would be impossible but in this course, I have learned about the humble of beginnings of that which we call Africa.

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