The Aftermath of the Atlantic Slave Trade

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Describe this commercialization and its subsequent effects.
The demise of the African slave trade began in 1807 when Britain forbade the capturing and selling of African slaves. The result had both positive and negative consequences for Africa. It was positive in that attention turned to the lucrative resources that Africa possessed and Europe began more actively trading with that country. This however led to negative results in that greed for the resources led to countries such as Britain establishing more and more control in Africa and, as they had done in other countries, establishing their dominion and way of life in certain government outposts in the country. Britain, amongst other European countries, exploited the vulnerability and weaknesses of Africa's internal and external situation, and started colonizing parts of the African region. They imposed Christianity on the natives and pressurized them to accept Western norms and mores.
Africa became more centralized politically, and large African states exerted considerable influence on the commercial sale of their products. They also sought to promote their internal development. However, as Europeans began to have a greater and greater stake in Africa and the "scramble for Africa" began, Europeans began to control the price of the products, they established…

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