The Age Of Ancient Rome

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During the age of Ancient Rome, there was a strong belief in gods, spirits and the afterlife. It was believed that Romans were pessimistic and negative towards death and the afterlife but after extensive research, another opinion has arisen. This newer theory states that Romans were in actual fact fearful of the afterlife since it was such an unknown. Funerary practises were ritualistic and important but they did not have a pessimistic view on the afterlife and death.
Roman funerary practices were elaborate and very important time of the celebration of one’s life as it decided the fate of the soul. There were an array of responsibilities through the funerary phase which included: the preparation of the body, Procession, Cremation/Burial, Eulogy, Feast and Commemoration (Ancient History, Encyclopedia 8/0/15, online).The preparation of the body included bathing the corpse and dressing it in the wealthiest robes the deceased could afford. The procession was the movement of deceased down an aisle or when the funeral was held, usually by torch light. Many funerals would have professional mourners. The people, usually women, were not related to the deceased but were paid my family members to attend. These women would mourn loudly while crying, ripping their hair out and scratching their faces. The larger the quantity of mourners and the louder the mourning was, the wealthier the deceased are portrayed to be.
‘Mourning was usually taken very seriously by the women as it was

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