The Age Of Employees At Work The Work Culture

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Irrespective of the age of the employees at work the work culture remains a semblance to comfortable college style culture where there is no real stress on dressing formally and there is no showing of status symbols. There are no set work hours the emphasis is only on achieving the set goals, how it is done is not a strict regimented policy. This has always encouraged the employees to work hard and give their best and perform admirably even in tight situations. Irrespective of the situational high or low the morale is always high and the outlook always positive. Emphasis on learning initiatives The various learning initiatives help in the constant evolution balancing and smooth functioning of the various verticals that is in sync with…show more content…
The Microsoft learning initiatives has created and kept up to date a vast pool of skilled individuals who help in deliverance of Microsoft based projects across various platforms throughout the world. This effort has been appreciated and acknowledged by the industry. Every vertical within the company are profited by this and many prospective aspirants awaiting a corporate career are benefited too. Global workforce Microsoft has a global presence and a global workforce. This global workforce helps maintaining the balance between labour cost and optimum deliverance in swift response in adherence with the respective laws and regulations of the particular nations. And this is also done with keeping the culture of the region in mind which goes a long way in maintaining the comfortable and flexible work style culture that has existed at Microsoft since inception. Development of products overseas greatly profits Microsoft and also keeps the global image of a Corporate Giant intact. Training methodologies Microsoft provides both intensive and extensive training and has various training modules specifically designed for every relevant need and keeping in mind all potential scenarios. Prominently these can be classified broadly as on the job training and off the job training. On the job is where the rookies learn the trick of the trade and insight from the
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