The Competitive Advantage of Microsoft and Its Hr

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1) What is Microsoft’s competitive advantage? How is supported/constrained by human resource management?

Microsoft Corporation is one of the largest and most influential companies in the personal computer industry. It has won several awards for innovation, for their commitment to diversity, and for their flexible work arrangements. It has always been a leader in the market with regard to its compensation. With 80,0004 employees across the world, having more than $15 billion revenue, it is one of the biggest and best‐known technology companies in the world.
It’s successful because of their workplace environment, empowerment of employee ideas, and their employee benefits. These elements are the result of the strategy that the Microsoft
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from the first days of the company, where were the founders (Bill Gates and Paul Allen) the ones that did the first recruitment and selection. Their aim was to find the smart and the best people, that preferentially did not have any experience. The Microsoft is the company that offers job also young people and talented graduates, which will, in companies opinion contribute by bringing in fresh innovation and ideas (we now that one of the major objectives are to generate new product, easily to use).this philosophy is also shown in Microsoft’s ‘n minus 1’ strategy, that means that in the company are employed less people that required, what shows the importance of hiring the right people, then just to fill a position.

About the recruitment program

Before being hired every candidate has to pass an intense interview. Each candidate is interviewed by at les 3 up to 10 Microsoft employee. The interview was based on their though processes, problem-solving abilities , writing the line code, than based on experience and knowledge (for Bill Gates the ability to think creatively was more important then acquired knowledge, as the ambition was rather then experience). Then there are also technical interviews where was asked to solve programming problems. After that the interviewers exchange between each other impressions (hire, no-hire) and suggestions for follow up. So the weaknesses of candidates mentioned by other interviewers were later treated

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