The Age Of The Civil War

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The United States of America became a diversified country due to colonization, slavery, and immigration. There were various types of races, ethnicities, and nationalities all in one geographical area. There were pros and there were cons during this time in America. The cons seemed to outweigh the pros; racism, wars, and other societal problems became major issues within North America. The age of the Civil War revealed the United of States Americas societal and racial issues in great depth. Acts of murder, assault, larceny, and destruction all took place in the Northern hemisphere of America. There were a series of riots that took place after the announcement of the draft law. The Draft Riots during the year of 1863 were to a great degree; tragic, bloody, destructive, and caused a galore of mayhem to the people and the cities. It remains one of the largest civil insurrections in American history. It revealed the deep racial, economic, and social divides that the United States of America faced during the Civil War era. The Draft Riots across New York and other surrounding areas connected in a certain way. The most notorious riots occurred in New York City for a grueling four days and had up to 120 deaths. Buffalo and Troy New York; Boston, Massachusetts, also boroughs of New York City faced an enormous catastrophe all caused by the American people. There were numerous ingrained issues on why the riots occurred. The riots had a large impact on New York and Massachusetts
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