The Aicpa Code Of Professional Conduct

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The introduction to the old AICPA Code of Professional Conduct of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants provides guidance and rules for all members as it explains the composition of the code, application of standards and compliance enforcement procedures. The code consists of two sections principles and rules. The Principles provide a general framework for the Rules which CPAs have to adhere to the rules of the AICPA Code when practicing. The AICPA Code of Conduct consists of three levels: Principles of professional of conduct, Rules and interpretations and rulings. If a member violates the Code rules, disciplinary actions would be taken. The Principles of Professional Conduct (Sec 50) explains the responsibilities, public interest, integrity, objectivity and independence, due care and scope and nature of services for professional accountants. The rules of the AICPA Code are (Sec 90) Applicability and Definitions, (Sec 100) Independence, Integrity and Objectivity, (Sec 200) General Standards and accounting principles, (Sec 300) Responsibilities to clients, (sec 400) Responsibilities to colleagues and (sec 500) Other responsibilities. Section 50 - Principles of Professional Conduct consists of 6 articles: Responsibilities, The Public Interest, Integrity, Objectivity and Independence, Due Care and Scope and Nature of Service. The ACIPA sets higher ethical principles and rules that CPAs who voluntary become a member in it, are obligated to abide and adhere. The

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