The Airline Industry 's Impact On The United States

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After six consecutive years of profitability, the U.S airline industry was descended into a downward spiral. The number of passengers flying dropped from 56 million in August 2001 to 30 million in September with no passengers for two days after the attacks (Poling). It took three years for the airlines to reach the 56 million passenger mark again. The impact on the travel industry, specifically the airlines, was more severe than in other areas. Immediately following the September 11th attacks, the airline industry was severely damaged with a four day shutdown of the national aviation system. Across much of the United States and Canada, flights were grounded. Airlines and airports that did not have dedicated ground crews and additional staffing were unable to get crews and planes into the air. A significant number of international flights landed in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, with alternate transportation provided from there (Zuckerman). The airlines were required to refund ticket purchases for anyone unable to fly because of contracts that went into effect when all planes were grounded throughout the nation (Zuckerman). In addition, United Airlines and American Airlines both provided $25,000 to the families of the victims who died in the plane crashes and had the difficult job of notifying all of the families (Zuckerman). Most American and European airlines reduced staffing tight after the attacks with nearly 80,000 layoffs by U.S. airlines alone (Belobaba). Even when…
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