The Airplane Of A Airplane

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Michael Radlund Radlund 1 Mrs. Katie Dwiggins Computers 306 6 November 2014 Alot of people have been in a airplane and if not probably have seen one. We know of the huge jets that we usually use to get to places around the world. But how did that get started? Where we are now? In this what this paper will be answering. Like when the airplane was invented. How the original plane works. When the first commercial airplane built and flown. Also about the most common airplane known today. About the future of flying. When was the first airplane invented? The Wright Brothers, as we know them are the ones that invented the airplane. Before they started to make their own airplane, Wilbur and Orville Wright had owned their own bike shop. They followed Otto Lilienthal, an German engineer, and his research on the airplane. Lilienthal died in a glider crash, allowing them to take his research in his hands. The two brothers continued his research by watching birds fly and glide. Finally after numerous of failed attempts and design flaws they made the first airplane, The Flyer on December 17, 1903. The motor powered plane was flown by Wilbur Wright for 59 seconds at 852 feet. How did the first airplane actually work? Well Wilbur and Orville had to carefully design their first airplane to actually get it to fly. They had a special name for the design of the wings called wing warping. The wings provided lift and the control to steer. Their was to propellers on the plane

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