The American Dream: Democracy Vs. Democracy

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The meaning of the "American Dream" has changed over the course of history, and includes both personal components and a global vision. The Dream originally referred to the frontier life. The American Dream has changed drastically over the last three generations, from frontier life, to the white picket fence and a large home with a spouse and two perfect children, to whatever it is right now. The American Dream is no longer what it used to be in the past generations, but may be more difficult to attain. The American Dream is still attainable, but is hindered or wavered by things such as Government and Democracy. Upward mobility has been a foundation of America’s self-image since the 18th century(kamp). If you work hard enough, nothing can stop you from getting ahead. That, at least in the minds of many Americans, is what distinguishes us from much of the rest of the world.…show more content…
American Democracy has, over our history, called upon citizens to share an equal responsibility to work together to secure a safe and prosperous future for their families and nation. This is the central work of our democracy and it is a public enterprise(kamp). This, the American Dream, is the dream of a functioning democracy. Public refers to people, acting together to provide what we all depend on: roads and bridges, public buildings and parks, a system of education, a strong economic system, a system of law and order with a fair and effective judiciary, dams, sewers, and a power grid, agencies to monitor disease, weather, food safety, clean air and water, and on and on(warshauer). That is what we, as a people who care about each other, have given to each
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